Published on 06/10/2016 2:06 pm

Thousands of people are suffering from breathing problems. People who have asthma or any other chronic respiratory disease requires a supplemental supply of oxygen. Your parents, children or grandparents might be suffering from any of these respiratory disorders. For their convenience, you buy big machines or equipment and install them at your home. But when you want to go out it becomes difficult to carry the big machines along with you. So, here is a wonderful solution; SimplyGo Mini is a Portable Oxygen Concentrators. This is a medical aid for those who have difficulty in breathing or Sleep Apnea.

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simplygo Portable Oxygen Concentrators simply meet your need in O2 therapy. It weighs only 10  pounds that deliver both continuous flow and pulse dose oxygen therapy. This modern machine has come up with various features. SimplyGO Mini provides you with a continuous flow up to 2 LPM. This extraordinary machine delivers pulse dose therapy in 6 different settings. This makes this device a unique catering machine that meets the therapeutic needs of the patients.

The modernize design of SimplyGo Mini has benefited the patients in many ways. The device is with  stylish and sleek design that is compatible with any home environment. It has screen displays and easy to operate user friendly menu system. You can easily remove the batteries from the device. This machine has come up with various other things like stylish carrying case along with spare battery pockets and shoulder straps, an ultra powerful lithium Ion battery and a fold up cart with oversized wheels. These wheels are installed in this cart to provide comfort while you are travelling.

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Now, you don’t have to be housebound any-more. You can have oxygen therapy at high pressure settings while travelling or even during a walk in the outdoors. There are various stores from where you can buy this special and helpful device.

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