Published on 06/23/2016 12:00 am
Understanding the Cpap Machine

CPAP basically stands for continuous positive airway pressure. Mild air pressure is applied continuously on patients who are not able to spontaneously breathe on their own. They assist the alveoli which are found in the lungs to get more lung surface area which allows ventilation. It is useful for people who suffer from conditions such as sleep apnea, respiratory diseases in children and bronchopulmonary dysplasia.

The CPAP machine has three main parts:

*Mask and other devices: They fit over the nose and mouth. It has straps.

*Tube: Connects mask to the motor of the machine.

*Motor: Blows air into the tube.

Fisher Paykel CPAP Machines

Some CPAP machines may have additional features such as the heated humidifiers. They are lightweight, small and have minimal noise. They produce a soft rhythmic and soft.

The traditional portable CPAP was large enough and carrying it around was a daunting task. It weighed about 20 pounds. The good news is that a small an portable battery has been introduced. The multu-night battery of a Transcend portable CPAP Machine has numerous advantages over the traditional one. It weighs 1.5 pound and can comfortably fit in palm of the hand. It is also durable. It can last or about 14 to 16 hours meaning it is ideal for 2-3 days trip.

In addition it has multiple adapters too. It has a DC power convertor and international plug adapters that can be used in states such as New Zealand, EU and UK. Some of them are solar powered too.

There are several filters for the machined depending on individual needs and preferences. They are reusable, disposable, bacteria and filter covers. Most people prefer disposable filters. It is important to note that disposable filters should not be washed and should be changed on a regular basis as soon as the residue is visual. It is recommended for those with allergies and sinus issues.

With a portable travel CPAP machine and an improved battery, those with sleep apnea can comfortably go camping. All these items can be found at an affordable price by visiting SleepRestfully online. It is your right to have a restful night.


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