Published on07/13/2016 10:26 pm
In case a medical practitioner has prescribed the oxygen therapy for you, you may end up feeling like the medical practitioner is inhibiting your freedom.
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Published on07/06/2016 2:48 pm
Have you being prescribed portable oxygen concentrators(POC)? If your answer is yes, you probably have a lot of question on how you should get started. There are several factors that you will need to consider such as where to get the portable oxygen concentrators, the size of the concentrators and the way it is going to impact your life.
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Published on06/23/2016 12:00 am
CPAP basically stands for continuous positive airway pressure. Mild air pressure is applied continuously on patients who are not able to spontaneously breathe on their own.
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Published on06/10/2016 2:06 pm
For their convenience, you buy big machines or equipment and install them at your home. But when you want to go out it becomes difficult to carry the big machines along with you. So, here is a wonderful solution; SimplyGo Mini is a Portable Oxygen Concentrators. This is a medical aid for those who have difficulty in breathing or Sleep Apnea.
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